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Los Player's - Tu de Que Vas

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Hookworms - On Leaving (Official Audio)

Hookworms have announced The Hum, a new studio album due for release on Monday the 10th of November 2014 and Tuesday the 11th November 2014 in the US. Pre-order The Hum and get an instant download of ‘The Impasse’ and ‘On Leaving’ at: Weird World – iTunes – The Hum comes eighteen months after the band's debut album Pearl Mystic - a record that steadily went on to become one of 2013's most impactful breakout statements. Even more ferocious and uncompromising than its predecessor and yet more melodic and focused than the band have ever recorded, The Hum further cements the band’s status as a vital force in British independent music. Described by the band’s bassist MB as their attempt at “a really minimal two-note rager”, ‘On Leaving’ is six minutes of controlled power, the muscular drumming of new drummer JN gradually clambering up the notches through each repetition of the Leeds’ five-piece’s growling repeato-rock. Refusing to simply rely on a cyclical riff, the track is a testament to the subtle tangents that Hookworms constantly play off each other, keyboardist and producer MJ draping backing call and response melodies across the track, pushing onto more pop plains. The album will be available on CD (WEIRD040CD), vinyl (WEIRD040LP) and digitally (WEIRD040D). There is also a limited pressing, deluxe edition of the album (WEIRD040LPX), featuring a die cut sleeve, 180g heavyweight transparent vinyl, a bonus 7” with new tracks and MP3 download . Directed by Joe & Toby Mortimer Animated by Toby Mortimer Artwork by Idiot’s Pasture

Lady Gaga Perez Hilton Feud & Howard Stern Interview- What's Up With Gaga?

Lady Gaga reveals all about Madonna and Perez Hilton!Exclusive Catching Fire Interviews: Lawrence eats candy bracelet: - Subscribe to Clevver Music!Lady Gaga's Perez Hilton feud continues while she reveals her deepest secrets to Howard Stern! Hey guys its Friday November 15 and this is What's Up With Gaga! On ClevverMusic of course. As you know ARTPOP was released this week so Mother Monster was in full on album promo mode! She started off the week holding her album release party artRave in Brooklyn, where she performed her new tracks in some envelope pushing outfits. Before the rave, Gaga debuted the world's first ever flying dress hovercraft: Volantis. It seems she's getting ready for her 2015 space voyage a little early! And what better way to promote ARTPOP than host and perform on SNL? We saw new promos for her upcoming Saturday Night Live gig, which are hilarious and debut the brand new meat watch! She'll be hosting SNL November 16th so don't forget to watch! And also this week Gaga sat down for a lengthy 2 hour chat with Howard Stern where she performed "Dope" and "Gypsy" at the piano but also candidly spoke about making music, Madonna, Perez Hilton and boyfriend Taylor Kinney. About Madonna Gaga revealed, "I think she's more aggravated that I'm not upset that she doesn't like me—cause I don't care that she doesn't like me." We wonder what Madonna has to say about that?! And about her boyfriend Taylor Gaga said they are happy and doing well, but she feels no rush to marry or have a traditional wedding. No shock there as we know Gaga enjoys being a Gypsy for now as told by her Gypsy song, but maybe in the future. Gaga also explained to Howard Stern where her ongoing feud with blogger Perez Hilton began. The two were doing an interview and Perez asked her some negative questions, which Gaga felt violated their friendship. Since then, he's attempted to move into her NYC apartment building and tauts her daily on Twitter. He responded to her Stern interview by tweeting, "@LadyGaga so you called ME fake on the @HowardStern this morning. Ha! Thanks for the laugh! Have you looked in the mirror lately??? Xoxo" And also "@LadyGaga Keep talking about me though. I love the press!" Perez has also sent countless tweets to Gaga this week regarding her ARTPOP album sales and critical reviews. But we all know Gaga doesn't care what the critics think. And finally this week Gaga stopped by H&M flagship store in New York Wednesday, arriving in a sightseeing bus. The store is carrying her album ARTPOP and Gaga said during the press appearance, "This is the first time that they've ever carried an album by a recording artist." So it seems Gaga is continuing her blend of music and art, now with fashion. Let's end with some awesome shout out this week, thank you to @iGagasreligion for all your tweets Happy Birthday! And thank you to @mothafuckayolo for your hilarious tweet this week. Love you guys! Thanks so much for watching your music news on ClevverMusic, I'm Misty Monster. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!

BrothersP - Texting, Talking, Checking Mail

It's a fun story about how TTCM (Texting, Talking, Checking Mail) can interfere in your life. A young man is trying to communicate to his girlfriend on a date. She's screenfacing way too much.

Willie Nelson on His "Happy" Bus On GRAMMYs Red Carpet

Fuse caught up with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard & Kris Kristofferson on the 2014 GRAMMY Awards red carpet to talk about their performance with Blake Shelton and why everyone loves Willie's "happy bus."

Roxanna - Here With Me

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  • Here With Me
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Clemency - Color Hit the Canvas

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  • Color Hit The Canvas
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  • love
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  • Youve Got The Fire

Mannequins on 7th Street - Who Are You

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Hicks - Mama's Kitchen

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Von Vargas - Paradise Forever

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  • Paradise Forever
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Blacktop Mojo - I am

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  • Blacktop Mojo
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  • I Am
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Makenna & Brock - Keith Whitley Song

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Ex Cops - Black Soap

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  • Black Soap
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Trump247 - All My Life

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  • All My Life
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  • Ridgeview
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  • Ill Be Drinking This Christmas
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Kristi Hoopes - At Least It's Something

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  • At Least Its Something
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Soprano - Le Ring - Live

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  • Take on Me

Christmas Party Songs - Playlist 2014 (HD)

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Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Bon Jovi DLC Pack Trailer [EN]

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